CONSALT INTERNATIONAL is an extension of CONS.AL.T Consorzio Alta Tensione, a consortium established in 1996 through the joining of two Italian companies - CTE Costruzioni Tecno Elettriche S.p.a. and SEVAL Società Elettrica Valtellinese S.r.l. – both operating in the Italian domestic market of construction and maintenance of high voltage transmission lines. Strong commitment to research in new technologies and possession of the latest up-to-date equipment available in the market 

has allowed the consortium to become one of the leading enterprises in the domestic market. CONS.AL.T is able, today, to successfully execute EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) contracts on a turnkey basis for high voltage electrical networks, including aerial and underground transmission lines and substations, both as new construction or maintenance of existing installations.


CONSALT International represents the will of two highly qualified Italian companies to expand their operations abroad. CONSALT International has a new mission, which is to combine experiences and track records of both companies in order to acquire sufficient critical mass and know-how to successfully compete with larger foreign companies already operating in the international market.

Our constant search for improvement in all phases of our activity, including highly professional training to our specialized staff, extreme awareness of our environment, a quest for absolute quality and, finally high standards in ethical behavior, aims to deliver extremely reliable services and “value” to our public and private customers.


C.T.E. S.p.a. was established in 1961, operating since then in the field of low, medium and high voltage electrical transmission lines, its clients being government authorities, local municipalities and private clients. Over the years C.T.E. has achieved national reputation in its area of specialization, growing to its current size of over 100 employees, including office staff and field manpower. C.T.E. has now an important presence in the domestic market of construction and maintenance  of High Voltage transmission lines.

The experiences abroad include jobs executed in France, Marocco, Nigeria, Libya, Ethiopia and Congo. In addition, C.T.E. has a vast experience in the construction of cableways and ski lifts. An internal division for specific geological investigations and consolidations completes the company’s structure.


S.E.VAL. - Società Elettrica Valtellinese S.r.l. was established in 1987 and has grown since then to the present size of about 130 employees. Its main scope of business is the construction and maintenance of High Voltage power lines and substations for the Italian grid, reaching a well deserved national reputation for excellency.

Jobs completed abroad in this field have been executed in Congo and Nigeria. In 1999 S.E.VAL started a new business activity in the field of recycling of electric and electronic waste (WEEE) by installing technologically advanced processing plants in several locations in Italy.