Conasalt International has over 50 years of experience in the design and construction of HV overhead power lines. Today, it is one of the leading providers of Terna, the first grid operator for electricity transmission in Europe. Over the years, the company has built every kind of steel structure, ranging from lattice to monopole towers, operating with cranes, derricks, and heavy-lift helicopters. Conasalt International has access to specialized machinery and highly skilled personnel to perform stringing of HV and UHV power lines single or bundle conductors, and has wide experience in stringing the most popular types of conductors and shield wire, e.g. ACSR, ACSS, AAAC, ZTAL, KTAK, GAP TYPE, OPGW.  

Over the last 5 years, the company completed the construction of 100 km of 380 kV triple and double bundle and 200 km of 132/150 kV. In addition to that, it was awarded the maintenance of several hundred kilometers of power lines, replacing conductors and shield wires (also with optical ground wires, OPGW), decommissioning, and recycling more than 100 km of old power lines.

Company specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in design and construction. Thanks to its experts and its assets, Consalt International has the ability to offer turnkey services for power transmission lines, including engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and program and project management services for new transmission installation as well as operations and maintenance services.