CONSALT International runs an engineering department that is able to provide assistance to operational areas and can develop structural and electrical projects in complete autonomy, using the most recent modeling software and CAD for drawings.

The presence of this department allows CONSALT International to be competitive in the field of electrical connections by new producers of electricity on the free market, and to supply EPC services in Italy and abroad of any size and typology.

The technical department also has the necessary equipment for surveying and stakeout of power lines on any terrain and to provide structural surveys by instrumental analysis.

In addition, CONSALT International is highly qualified in the field of geological surveys working with both traditional techniques (rods and core barrel) and wire line technology (rope core barrel), both in Italy and abroad.

The flexibility of the technical staff and high versatility of the equipment used, allows CONSALT International to perform geotechnical, mining and environmental surveys in any field situation (mountains, rivers, lakes, sea, galleries, confined spaces, etc.).

CONSALT International is able to perform downhole sampling and testing and to install tools for geotechnical, hydrogeological and environmental monitoring. The wide range of equipment available also allows us to execute non-vertical drillings at depths greater than 500 meters.

CONSALT International also owns specialized equipment helicopter carried probes, electric driven drilling machines, truck mounted machines and crawler rafts for rivers and lakes etc. CONSALT International is also specialized in drilling in railway areas.