CTE and SEVAL, only shareholders of CONSALT International are family owned companies still run by the first and second generation. Their relationship is based in long standing mutual trust, which results in very fast decision making.

The Board of directors decides on strategy guidelines and external and institutional relations, whereas the General Manager, appointed by the Board itself, is responsible for the company management with ordinary and extraordinary powers not reserved to the Board of Directors.





CONSALT International firmly believes that its competitiveness relies on its human resources, which can be enhanced through appropriate HR management policies. Improving employees’ skills helps meeting business objectives and promotes value creation throughout the company. We hold training programs designed to develop and optimize individual knowledge and to promote a common business culture that embraces all our different professional competences.

All activities are carried out and supervised by highly specialized technicians who follow the execution of the works from the technical and qualitative points of view, also ensuring maximum safety standards in compliance to all international laws and regulations in this area. The labor force consists of more than two hundred employees, 80 of who have obtained higher qualifications through special courses held by Italian network providers.


The high level of versatility of CONSALT International, its aircraft and advanced technology, combined with a high level of specialized skills, allows us to work in any type of context. All our vehicles and main equipment carry identification and follow a scheduled maintenance program managed from head office, ensuring that onsite staff is informed whenever a vehicle needs maintenance. Maintenance interventions are performed by specialized mechanics that visit the company premises with trucks fully equipped for all types of operations. Compliance certificates and logbooks, as well as test and/or scheduled servicing certificates are all catalogued and filed at head office. In the geognostic and special works sector, we use geotechnical, hydro-geological and environmental monitoring devices, helicopter-mounted probes, electrical probes and internal combustion engine probes, trucked and tracked, rafts for rivers and lakes...

In the power line sector we use technologically advanced hydraulic equipment such as winches, hydraulic brakes, presses, folders, pickers, lorries with crane, crane trucks up to 60 m, etc. Since the eighties we have been equipped with qualified and specialized design equipment and staff, as well as having access to third party qualified collaborators and avant-garde electronic instruments (Total Stations and other optical devices, electronic measuring devices, graphical and calculation software, plotters, etc.). Our technical department is therefore able to prepare designs for the "turnkey" supply of plants. Flexibility and a modern approach, combined with sound investment policies for the purchase of new equipment and technological updates, have enabled C.T.E. to guarantee a final product that always satisfies client expectations